27 de outubro de 2009


Big Family mom: Cosmic Brownies, gummies, Cheerios, Lunchables, Oreo, chips, bread, canned food, frozen food, pizza, buns, hot dogs, chili, american cheese, sliced turkey, soft drinks, 2% fat milk, chocolate milk, disposable plates, oil, bottled juice, ground meat, frozen chicken, hamburgers, hamburger helpers, boxed food.

Loving wife: flour, sugar, beans, mozzarela cheese, tomatoes, groung meat, spaghetti, eggs, whole milk, fat free milk, carrots, celery, candles.

Little kid mom: Gerben (children puree), yogurt, american cheese, diapers, tylenol, canned juice, eggs, whole milk, frozen food.

Old men: whole milk, eggs, rutabagas, meat, american cheese, bread, ginger bread. (only like paper bag for their bread)

Old women: 3 different kinds of medicine, cereal, gummies, magazines, frozen food, eggs, fat free milk, ginger candy, grapes, oil, at least one cleaning product.

College student: buns, hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks, toothpaste, pens, disposable plates and utensils.

Before-the-game dad: soft drinks, lime, chips, cream cheese.

Grandma: Chocolate, gummies, shrimp, gumbo mix, sausage, cheerios, rice, apples, green bellpeppers, cucumbers, bulk of garlic.

Grandpa: Chocolate, gummies, milk, eggs, cheerios, juice.

On the work break: a) plate lunch and a soft drink (men)
b) fried catfish, chocolate, mints and a soft drink (fatties)
c) sandwich, yogurt and an apple (skinny women)
d) energy drink and mints (young people)

Eco-friendly-pretender: organic fat free milk, organic yogurt, grapes, apples, organic spaghetti, cheese, low fat & no sugar ice cream, tofu, whole grain bread, some berry or V8 juice, green bellpeppers, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, onions, organic minced garlic. (they always have their own eco-friendly bag)

EBT people: rotisserie chicken, gummies, ground meat, chicken, pork, ketchup, pizza, soft drinks, hot dogs, bread, shrimp, crab meat, gumbo mix, rice, frozen food, candies, chocolate.

Coupon women: butter, windex, stain remover, cat food, soft drinks, crackers, cookies, pizza, frozen food, some lotion.

Ana: ground turkey, 7 grains bread, sour cream, potatoes, grapes, organic 2% fat milk, mozzarela cheese, grapes, onions, fiber one cereal, yogurt, onion soup, tuna, brocolli, carrots.

Joseph: lemon sorbet, boudin.

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